Let's just write in English....

I guess there is gonna be an ad automatically unless I write something in this blog in 60 days, so I just write something random here...

The reason why I am writing in English is that I cannot type in Japanese as I am using my bf's computer. Actually, he is not my bf any longer, but my fiance!! Yes, I am ENGAGED now. I have been missing this timing to let the world know that I am engaged, but yes I really am. I am really excited about this, and I hope everything goes well for both of us.

In addition, I have one more thing to let the world know... I am coming back to Japan!! I have not been back for a while, so I am really excited about this too. There may be some "culture shock" for me, but oh well I am pretty sure I can handle them.

ahh I wish I can write this in Japanese in my other blog, but if you happen to read this by chance, well here are some big news from me.

I hope everything is going well for everybody else[:ニコニコ:]